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It is cold and windy here in Montana…ah winter time in the Rockies. Winter is a time to reflect and slow down, something our culture is not comfortable doing. During our warmer months and longer days, we spend much of our time running from one thing to another instead of really slowing down and being at peace with our own thoughts and emotions.  When the days get shorter and the nights longer, we have an opportunity to slow down and tap into our feelings, it is amazing what can come to the surface, yet sometimes we are fearful of just that, the unknown or that uncomfortable feeling that comes along with it. Challenge yourself in the next few months of winter to just enjoy things around you, being thankful for your health, family, friends and animals that are all in your life.  Then be kind to yourself, sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and read a book or take a nap, enjoying the cold and windy season that we get here in Montana and let whatever comes up, come up, breathe….

Much love and joy in this winter season.



Breathing Room Yoga
108 W. Callender St.
Livingston, MT 59047
Email: atitgemeier@gmail.com

Directions to the studio: If you are coming from Bozeman get off on the first Livingston exit.  Take the road all the way into town until you hit a stop light, turn left onto Park St. Go through one traffic light on 5th St and then go four blocks and take a right onto Main St. Drive a block and take a left onto Callender St. Park there and we are at 108 W. Callender.

All of our class rates and passes are available on our price list page. We also offer private lessons, call us at 406-223-7148. We accept personal checks or cash, no debit or charge cards please. If you would like to pay via PayPal, I can send you an email and you can pay that way. Please feel free to email me atitgemeier@gmail.com or stop by the studio at Breathing Room Yoga, 108 W. Callender, Livingston, MT 59047 406-223-7148

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