Welcome to Breathing Room Yoga

Yoga is a necessary factor in our crazy lives.  Many of us spend so much time on our computers or our phones for work and play and think we will go to yoga when we become less busy, when our bodies become more flexible or our minds are in the right place to take a yoga class.  Next thing we know five years has passed and we still haven’t taken that class and not only are we getting less flexible but we are most likely becoming more stressed. The wear and tear on our bodies and minds due to our fast paced lifestyles will increase if we don’t stop and pause for a moment and allow some replenishing of our mind and spirit.  This is what you do in yoga, refuel your mind, body and soul. There is a reason this is a 2000 year old practice, it makes most anyone who tries it connected to themselves but to other people as well. Try it, you might be surprised how much it can change your life.

Please come by or call us if you are visiting and/or new to the area. We think we have a pretty special place here and hope you will feel the same.

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